Outlook4Gmail v.5.2.0 is coming soon!

We’re happy to inform that a brand new update of Outlook4Gmail to version 5.2.0 is coming soon! It will be available next week.

This update contains many expected improvements and some new features that will make Outlook4Gmail even better:


  • Improved syncing algorithm based on Microsoft Outlook Messaging API.
  • Optimized syncing performance by caching Outlook items.
  • Optimized performance of duplicated items check.
  • Implemented handling of “Request Entity Too Large” and “Bad Gateway” server errors for Google items.
  • Improved and fixed Phones syncing.
  • Improved and fixed Chat (IM Address) set syncing.
  • Improved and fixed Web Page syncing.
  • Implemented retrieving of SMTP address for Exchange User by session Recipients table.


  • Fixed and updated Standard Time Zones naming.

Other updates:

  • Product site and URLs are translated to German.
  • “Welcome” page is displayed at the first start.
  • Improved processing of Batch operations for Google Contacts.
  • Improved and fixed support of Microsoft Store Office (aka Centennial) version.

We’d like to thank everyone for kind support and nice feedback, many minor bugs have been fixed and new features added during these months precisely thanks to you.

Google confirmed Outlook4Gmail verification

Outlook4Gmail has successfully passed the Google verification procedure, meaning that the process of your personal data (including contacts, events and tasks) is aligned with Google’s highest security standards.

Summer Sale is here!

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Outlook4Gmail v.5.1.4 released!

Now we’re back from a big break to introduce a brand-new update with some nice features and improvements!

Thanks to your kind support, a lot of minor bugs have been fixed during these months. So, here we go:


  • Sync algorithm improved by the ability to check and analyze similar items.
  • Changed the way of syncing Phones set; support for standard, undefined and named labels in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese.
  • Option to skip sync Birthdays and Anniversaries.
  • Changed the way to get an SMPT e-mail address for Exchange User.

Stability and performance optimization

  • Improved processing of bad formatted Birthday and Anniversary dates from Google.
  • Google Group synchronization is improved.
  • Improved the way of processing Batch operations for Google Contacts.
  • Changed the way of using Messaging API with different data storages.
  • Improvements and fixes to OAuth user authenticate.
  • Changed and improved exponential backoff algorithm of checking and getting Outlook application object.
  • Fixes and Improvements to Microsoft Store Office (aka Centennial) version.

User interface and usability

  • Support Simplified Ribbon for Microsoft Office 2019.