Marius Popp

THE BEST FOR EVER!! Top Fachleute !! Top freundlich!! Top kompetent!! Top Service!!

Sascha Oetiker

Seit Jahren bin ich immer wieder auf die Suche nach genau diesem Tool gewesen und hatte immer wieder
Mühe, mein Google mit dem Outlook zu synchen.
Jetzt, mit diesem Tool ist Schluss damit, Well done !!!

Fabien M.

Great program, finally a company which is providing a tool that is making the job, a system which is really working, and, also, if you would have any issue or question, a great professional team will support you sincerely! Outlook4Gmail is really a great transfer software, pictures, notes, etc. – everything is well synchronized. Thanks, Outlok4Gmail Team!

Robert D.

Absolutely great software. Finally, a reasonable way to sync Outlook and Google without having to plug the phone to the computer and no matter where the cell phone is. And automatic synchronization is the best part of it. The price is also awesome. Greetings from Austria.

Janko B.

Outlook4gmail is a great and user friendly program what exactly does what you expect as a user, it synchronize in a good and simple way. For me it was important that it syncs not only text but also the photos with contact persons. And in case you need support, their helpdesk is a great asset! They reply fast and professional. The price for the software is reasonable taking in consideration that you get super support in case you have questions or a problem. I am looking forward in the new features of the program in the future! 5 stars for this program.

Rich A.

As an Outlook add-in, it integrates nicely with Outlook, doesn’t slow down Outlook at all. The interface is very straightforward and easy to understand. It transferred all my calendar items and appointments, including recurring items with no trouble and syncs in both directions. There’s an event log to track what changes were made on each end. I asked a question for their tech support and got an immediate detailed answer, so they were very responsive. They offer a 7-day free trial (for one account) and the cost to buy it is very reasonable.
All in all, a very nice software package that does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

Gee Are Pabst

…one of the best app as Google calendar sync alternative, easy setup, manages multiple Google calendars and contacts… My personal favourite which works with multiple calendars…
miApple.me – Tech.Blog

Gerhard K.

Outlook4Gmail really is a program that is very simply to use. I bought it some months ago and have been using it with Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016 without problems. And in case you need support, you will receive an answer with detailed help within very short time! So I really would say, the decision to buy this program really was a very good one!

Marc G.

I looked for a very long time to find a product that would allow me to use OUTLOOK 2013 (and now 2016) and keep it synced with Google (calendars and contacts). I came across OUTLOOK4GMAIL and it does it ALL. Easy setup and it keeps my Outlook synced with everything in GOOGLE. I love it and “highly recommend” using this product if you are an Outlook user at home like me.

Bob D., bob@kb**.uk.com

I have just found your software for synchronizing outlook to gmail and I want to say a big thank you for such a wonderful application. Having 3 android devices and a windows laptop with this outlook has been a constant pain in the proverbial since moving from Blackberry. I have only used outlook4gmail for half a day and so far it has worked seamlessly. Its intuitive, looks great and works what more could one ask for well free I guess, which it is at the moment. Excellent work. Thank you.

Eric S.

This was an opportunity to test your customer service and this is exactly what I expect of my team, you took care of the customer and it probably cost you a few bucks, I have nothing bad to say, you guys rock!

Vagner Dantas da Silva

Enorme prazer de usar esse produto. Cumpre com perfeição o que promete.
A partir de agora estarei indicando o Outlook4Gmail a várias empresas e amigos.
O Gmali já é o melhor provedor de e-mail desse mundo, com o Outlook4Gmail ficou ainda melhor.