About Outlook4Gmail

Outlook4Gmail is an Outlook add-in that helps you to perform Google calendar sync with Outlook as well as the contact sync. It is a perfect syncing tool for Outlook users who have one or multiple Google accounts.

Core Functions

  • Provides automated contact and calendar syncing by a particular time interval
  • Supports the syncing of contacts and calendars from more than one Google Account
  • Establishes a secure connection on syncing Outlook items with Google
  • Provides 3-way syncing: Outlook ⇒ Google, Outlook ⇔ Google, Outlook ⇐ Google
  • Syncs a large amount of data received from your Outlook and Google accounts

Contacts Syncing

Outlook4Gmail syncs your contacts at the best possible level: name, company, phone number, Email, address, date, note, contact picture, category and Google group, etc.
Moreover Outlook4Gmail provides duplicates elimination function, language settings, automatic backup before the synchronization process.

Calendars Syncing

The FULL featured version of Outlook4Gmail allows importing Outlook appointments into a Google calendar and vice versa: Google events into an Outlook calendar. It also syncs Google calendars from multiple Google accounts with Outlook ones.
The settings provide opportunities of duplicates check, their elimination and automatic data backup.


3-way syncing optioncheckcheck
Multiple Google accounts contact syncingcheck
Syncing of contact categories with Google groupscheck
Syncing of contacts’ pictures (users’ avatars)check
Basic syncing filterscheckcheck
Custom Outlook contacts folders syncingcheckcheck
3-way syncing optioncheck
Recurring appointments supportcheck
Recurrent events’ exceptions supportcheck
Custom calendar syncingcheck
Calendar merging optioncheck
Multiple Google accounts calendar syncingcheck
Internet calendar and users' shared calendar syncingcheck
Multiple Outlook data files (*.pst) supportcheckcheck
Microsoft Exchange public folders scan and syncingcheckcheck
Automated time interval syncingcheck
Big data syncingcheckcheck
Duplicates check and elimination supportcheckcheck
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Latest news

Outlook4Gmail v.4.6.2

January 12, 2017

Outlook4Gmail v.4.6.2 released! In this version we implemented synchronization: “My Contacts” from Google only (contacts from “Other” and “Most Contacted” groups are skipped) and synchronization of appointment reminders and event notifications.