Allowing to sync Google and Outlook contacts, calendars, and tasks, Outlook4Gmail has two versions: FREE and FULL featured. Below are the features included in each of the version.  

3 types of synchronization working in one/both directionscheckcheck
Multiple Google accounts contact syncingcheck
Syncing of contact categories with Google Groups/Labelscheck
Syncing of Google Contact Group/Label with selected Outlook folder and vice versacheck
Syncing of contacts’ pictures (users’ avatars)check
Basic syncing filterscheckcheck
Custom Outlook contacts folders syncingcheckcheck
3 types of synchronization working in one/both directionscheck
Recurring appointments supportcheck
Recurrent events’ exceptions supportcheck
Custom calendar syncingcheck
Calendar merging optioncheck
Multiple Google accounts calendar syncingcheck
Internet calendar and users' shared calendar syncingcheck
3 types of synchronization working in one/both directionscheck
Regular task synchronizationcheck
Recurring Outlook tasks with Google task list syncingcheck
Multiple Google accounts task list syncingcheck
Multiple Outlook data files (*.pst) supportcheckcheck
Microsoft Exchange public folders scan and syncingcheckcheck
Automated time interval syncingcheck
Big data syncingcheckcheck
Duplicates check and elimination supportcheckcheck
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