Sync Outlook Calendar with Google

The FULL featured version of Outlook4Gmail allows you to sync Outlook calendar with Google and vice versa.

The settings also provide the following opportunities:

  • The ability to skip synchronization of past events (older than 1 month, older than 1 year and etc.);
  • Automatic data backup;
  • Checking for duplicates and eliminating them.

3 types of syncing relationships allow to:

  • import Google Calendar to Outlook (Google events remain the same and don’t sync with the Outlook ones);
  • import Outlook calendar to Google (Outlook events remain the same and don’t with the Google ones);
  • sync the two sources Google and Outlook (both of them are updated).

How to Sync Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar

To better understand the syncing process, here is our detailed video about how to sync outlook calendar with Google Calendar and vice versa:

Outlook4Gmail also allows to sync Google and Outlookcontacts and tasks. To learn more visit the Features page or ask any questions via